Board of Directors

We want YOU! We value the principles of diversity and equity in our policies, programs and services. We encourage anyone, including youth who are committed to our values to apply to become volunteer board members.

Note: While we actively recruit for Board members annually each spring, we encourage and accept expressions of interest at any time.


  • setting policy direction with diversity as a hallmark
  • developing long-term goals for the agency


  • commit to a 2-year term on the Board
  • attend 10 Board meetings a year
  • join one Board committee (committees, meeting dates & times vary)


  • develop skills, abilities and knowledge in leadership, communications, advocacy & diplomacy
  • gain experience leading a well-known non-profit community agency
  • network with local, provincial and national professionals
  • become an advocate for community issues from a trans-cultural perspective

Other information:

Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. (no meetings in August)

OOB’s Annual General Meeting is held in February.

All are welcome to apply: we are particularly interested in meeting people with skills and experience in communications and fundraising.

For more information, please email Melinda  at

Board Committees

Several committees support the work of OOB’s Board of Directors by:

  • analyzing issues and ideas and developing proposals for Board consideration
  • making recommendations to the Board on policies, priorities and actions
  • taking action and making decisions as authorized by the Board
  • addressing specific issues or initiatives as directed by the Board

Our Board committees offer opportunities to get involved in specific actions through various sub-committees. For more information on our current Board committees, please email Melinda Harris at:

Melinda Harris
Dr. Annette Bailey
Research Coordinator
Garcia Bartley
Rev. Sky Starr
Founder / Executive Director of OOB
Don Gauthier Jr.
Recent Member
Kevin Junior
Board Member